Cheater Cheater – Short Rant

I had planned on researching and discussing flat vs skeuomorphism design in this blog post but after my research in my last post I wanted to shortly talk about something else. While looking for good examples of responsive sites I discovered this site: which I also posted previously. While this site is amazingly done in it’s responsiveness it brought up another important topic in web design today. Web design is becoming more and more accessible to the common man, or layman. People without any knowledge or education in web design or code are being able to, more and more, get by on their own and create a site thanks to applications like Adobe Dreamweaver and sites like webflow and so many more. Applications and sites where you can just click a button, like the ones shown from Adobe Dreamweaver below, and the code gets written for you are diminishing the true skills behind web design and the importance of and the demand for the web designer. I just wanted to point that out and how while it’s helpful I still think people should learn how to code before they use the advantages of applications like this.



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