Why Web Design?

At the beginning of the senior year of high school I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life or where I wanted to go to school. During my junior year I wasn’t so worried when someone asked me where I wanted to go and I had no answer besides a shrug and “somewhere out of Maine” as my only criteria but once senior year hit and people were writing their college essays and applying early decisions the panic started kicking in. Lucky for me I has a slightly overbearing and controlling mother who took one look at my schedule for that year and immediately questioned almost all the classes I was taking.She convinced me to drop AP Physics and Ap Euro and for the first time ever take classes in things I was actually interested in doing with my life. At the time it felt like she was shoving the Web Design and Management class offered at my school down my throat, and being a teenager I tried to find every reason to do the opposite of what she was suggesting. Thankfully I couldn’t think of any real reason and I loved that class. I finally had a clue of something I would love to do for a career that I could actually do. Then as the story went on I discovered RIT and the New Media Design program and fell even more in love with the idea of design for the technological world.

That’s where my web design story began, I loved designing the sites and the different pages, I loved the torture of coding, I loved it all. Nowadays I’m actually in a web design class for my major, New Media Interactive, the class itself is basically teaching us how to cheat web design by using applications like Adobe Dreamweaver but I still love it. Since web design was kind of the spark that lit the fire that led me to RIT I thought it would be a good blog topic–– it’s something I’m really interested and passionate about. So here I am, and here you are reading (thanks by the way). Hopefully somewhere along the way we’ll both learn a little something about web design, there’s so much that I could talk about, responsive design, flat vs skeuomorphism design, typography on web design, the history of it! Who knows where I’ll go with this!


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